Terms of Service

Terms of service

- Brandy Bag is an independent company not affiliated with any designer brand.

- Most of the product we sell is second hand (pre-owned) piece, rare, or vintage luxury item, thus conditions are not the same as a brand new product. In this website you will find a classification guide of the product condition.  We are committed to provide multiple photos of the product showing actual condition and brief explanation of the condition, thus the customer can take the decision before purchase the product. When the customer pay for the product, agrees to purchase a used item with the conditions as shown in photos and described ("As Is"). We will be more than happy to provide more photos of the item condition upon request. The items sell may be re-conditioned or reworked by Brandy Bag or supplier.

- Brandy Bag reserves the right to terminate or suspend your use of the Brandy Bag Website and/or the Brandy Bag Services if you do not comply with Brandy Bag policy or procedure, or for any other reason we determine, in our sole discretion.

- Cancellation Policy: Cancellation requests by customers can only be made within one hour of the order being placed. All such notices need to be in writing by email. Beyond that all orders are final. Brandy Bag reserves the right to cancel any order at any time, before or after payment is processed, for security, fraud review or any other reason.

- Customer Accounts: Brand Bag reserves the right at any time to temporarily or permanently remove accounts. In particular in case of patterns of unreasonable number of returns or cancellations, we reserve the right at our sole discretion to restrict or refuse that client’s access.

- Accuracy of item information: Brandy Bag makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of item condition you receive in relation to our product. Description of the condition of the preowned item and photos are some of the information we provide to make a transparent transaction with customer.